CSN-300 Nebulizer Unit Stand Type

Nebulizer Unit Of Stand Type CSN-300


NCN-200 ENT Treatment Nebulizer
NCS-200 ENT Treatment Infrared Device
EDM-200 ENT Tympano Massage Unit

ENT Treatment Nebulizer NCN-200

ENT Treatment Infrared Device NCS-200


ENT Tympano Massage Unit EDM-200


ENT Treatment Unit CU-5000

ENT Treatment Unit   CU 5000  

CU 2000 ENT Treatment Unit Economy
CU 500 Treatment Unit Chair
CU 100 Treatment Unit Chair

ENT Treatment Unit   

CU 2000.

Treatment Chair

CU 500

Treatment Chair   

CU 100

GMedPro offers a wide variety of medical equipment in the area of otolaryngology. We have everything you need to start a new office or refurbish an existing practice.



Otolaryngology (ENT)...

CR-200 ENT Treatment Irrigator

Treatment Irrigator CR-200


CMEI 100 Portable Irrigator
TM03-34 Diagnostic & Operation Microscope
OMS 2300(ENT TYPE) Diagnostic & Operation Microscope

Portable Irrigator CMEI 100

Diagnostic and Operation Microscope TM03-34

Diagnostic and Operation Microscope OMS 2300 (ENT TYPE)



U-MED Head Light

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