GMedPro is pleased to distribute the SIMPLICITY electronic medical records system (EMR).  EMR helps to streamline the medical record process by moving records from paper and physical filing systems to data based systems.  These systems have a greater efficiency since important information can be accounted for much quicker.  


SIMPLICITY is a web based, wireless or hard wired technology, to record and retrieve patient medical records within seconds, anytime, anywhere as long as Internet Service exists.


SIMPLICITY was designed to follow the physician’s work flow the way you were trained in medical school and residency.


SIMPLICITYallows you to concentrate on the patient and maintain eye to eye contact throughout the history and physical.


SIMPLICITY is so easy to use; physicians without previous computer knowledge learn to use it quickly. In addition, the learning curve is less than one hour: there no confusing icons and the manual is rarely used, except as a reference.


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